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Stainless Steel Cylindrical Boiler Feeding Unit

May 23

For pumping water temperatures up to 200°F (with a Model D pump) and temperatures up to 210°F, this cylindrical steel boiler feed unit is ideal (with Model P low NPSH pump). A floor-mounted gravity return unit fitted with a standard, 3/16" thick, black steel receiver suitable for locations with limited access is provided. In order to provide maximum corrosion resistance, receivers can also be made of 300 series stainless steel, with epoxy or plasite linings available for the majority of receiver sizes. Receivers can be built in a variety of shapes and capacities, starting at 49 gallons and going up from there for more specialized uses. Flows and pressures can be handled by the unit.

A standard feature is an electrical solenoid water valve with a float switch for control. Simplex and duplex setups are the most common, although additional options are possible. There are single and three-phase pump motors that can run at 1750 RPM and 3500 RPM. Mechanical seals certified for temperatures of up to 250°F are used in conjunction with bronze-fitted Model D or Model P pumps, which are powered by industry standard motors. Requests for higher temperature seals and custom faces are welcome. Either vertically or horizontally, pumps can be installed.

Gauge glass assembly, thermometer, intake strainer, butterfly isolation valve, low-water cut-off or alarm switch, submerged heater tube for preheating feed water, electrical control panels, and tank insulation are some of the other additional accessories.