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Top Reasons Why You Need a Heating Repair Service

Apr 27

A heating system can be tricky. Generally speaking, heating systems are safe and they rarely cause any issues. However, occasionally they may develop an issue that could turn into something that is worse.

While there is no reason for you to feel worried about using your heating system, especially during winter, it is important to call a heating repair service Plano, TX when you think there may be an emergency. 

But before picking up your phone, what are the tell-tale signs that you need to contact a heating repair service Plano, TX. 

The Heating System Won't Turn On

During winter, it is important that your heating system works properly. A heating system that won't turn on is a reason to schedule a heating repair service Plano, TX. There are a few reasons why your heating system may not be working. 

Sometimes the cause is really simple, like a power issue. In other instances, the problem could be as serious as a breakdown that needs a complete replacement. Make sure to call a heating repair service Plano, TX as soon as you notice that your heating system won't turn on. 

One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to schedule a heating system maintenance every six months. During the appointment, the technicians will give it a tune-up and inspection that it needs. 

Odd Noises Coming From The Heating System

Heating systems usually make weird noises every once in a while. But when these noises become more frequent and it becomes too loud, then it is time to call a heating repair service Plano, TX.

If you hear grinding, it means that there are bearings inside the system's motor that need to be lubricated every once in a while. If they are not, then they will start to cause damage within the motor.

If you hear rumbling, thumping, and popping, then you need to call a technician as it means that the fuel is burning, the motor is loose, or the cracks are forming in the heat exchanger.

These are all fire and safety hazards and it is not a good idea to troubleshoot it yourself. You need to call an expert to handle this.

Thermostat is Broken

When the thermostat becomes disconnected, they may stop working. This could cause your heating system to stop producing warm air. 

Sometimes the thermostat can be easily repaired, but there are instances wherein the technician needs to replace them. 

Strange Heating System Odors

Some heating system odors are normal and they are no cause for concern. For example, a burning smell is usually just the smell of burning dust that has settled on top of the system. 

However, there are odors that you must not ignore. If you smell something metallic, it means the internal parts are getting too hot. 

If you smell something similar to a rotting egg, you need to leave your home or office and call the fire department as it means the gas has leaked. If you smell chemicals, there are cracks in your heat exchanger.

Is It Time to Call an HVAC Technician?

If you've diagnosed the problem after your heating system stopped working, then it is time to call the experts to get your heating system fixed. 

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