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The Real Reason Why You Should Put a Dehumidifier in Your Crawl Space

Apr 24

Crawl spaces have long been incorporated in many homes in Fort Mill, South Carolina, to allow outside air to circulate between the floor of the house and the ground. They are also convenient solutions for water distribution throughout the house. Sometimes, they’re even utilized as a sewer system. Unfortunately, with great benefits comes great responsibility too.


Fort Mill homes built over crawl spaces are susceptible to moisture-related issues. Mold, wood rot, and infestations are common problems that homeowners face. That’s where the crawl space dehumidifier in Fort Mill, SC comes in. 


What Is A Dehumidifier?


Quite literally, a dehumidifier is an appliance that makes your space less humid. By minimizing the water vapor in the air, a dehumidifier creates a healthier environment. They are used in bedrooms, living rooms, and, you guessed it, crawl spaces. With all of the moisture that a crawl space accumulates, it’s essential to have some way of controlling the humidity levels.


Here are the four most significant reasons why a crawl space dehumidifier in Fort Mill, SC is a must:


To Protect Your Family’s Health


Dehumidifiers are used in different areas because they improve the overall air quality. Crawl spaces are relatively more humid than other parts of the home; they are bigger threats to one’s health. 


Using a crawl space dehumidifier in Fort Mill, SC will decrease the moisture in the air, making it less susceptible to dust mites and mold. If left to their own devices, these can cause serious health issues to people inside the house.


To Be More Energy-Efficient


The ideal humidity level in a crawl space is approximately 55%. It can be more challenging to reach this level during more humid seasons—those who don’t have dehumidifiers resolve this issue by turning up the AC. Unfortunately, doing so will consequently increase your energy bills as well. 


Dehumidifiers can maintain the humidity at a consistent level without using much energy. They are energy-efficient solutions to keep the humidity level in your crawl space throughout the year.


To Improve The Stability Of Your Crawl Space


High moisture levels in the air, especially with around 70% humidity, will condensation. When liquid water touches wood, it is more likely to rot—crawl spaces with rotting wood risk failure from holding up the house. 


Your home’s structural integrity will be at risk, and the damage that it can potentially do will be far more costly to recover than a simple investment in a dehumidifier. 


However, with a crawl space dehumidifier in Fort Mill, SC, you can maintain a stable and healthy environment for your home. This will help prevent rot and keep your crawl space in good condition.


To Prevent Pest Infestations


Since dehumidifiers capture moisture from the air, it creates a drier environment that is less conducive to thriving certain pests. For example, roaches and centipedes are attracted to moisture. Not only does a humid climate make pest infestations more likely, but it can also invite these pests’ predators into your home. 


Fortunately, all of these can be solved by getting a crawl space dehumidifier in Fort Mill, SC! This will save you both time and money in the long run.


Should I Get A Crawl Space Dehumidifier in Fort Mill, SC


Having a dehumidifier in your crawl space will ultimately make your home a safer, healthier, and more comfortable environment. There are several solutions to decrease humidity in crawl spaces; having a dehumidifier is an excellent choice. 


With a dehumidifier installed in your crawl space in Fort Mill, SC, you can protect your family from the dangers of high humidity levels and enjoy quality air indoors all year long. Contact Crawlspace Xperts for more information.