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Top Benefits of Heating System Maintenance

Feb 2

Even if it's only used for a few months a year, it's still crucial that you keep your home's heating system properly maintained with heating system maintenance in Dallas, TX. That way, it'll be ready when you need it, keeping your home warm during those rare bouts of winter weather.

To guarantee that your system is running effectively and efficiently, it should be done by a qualified professional. A well-maintained system will use less energy, resulting in reduced energy costs and making your house more pleasant.

With proper maintenance, you can achieve the following:

Lower Electric Bills

If you think your heating system is broken, compare your current statement to past ones (and be sure you were using the same heater at the time!). If your utility rates have been steadily rising, an old heating system is most likely to blame.

Once an old heating system has exceeded or is approaching its life expectancy, which ranges from 15 to 25 years, it may start malfunctioning.

Stable Room Temperature

Unless you've defined heating and no-heating zones in various sections of the house, each room should have a constant temperature. It's already a red sign if you're experiencing big shifts as you walk about the rooms. You'll need to get your system checked if you can't get the temperature setting appropriate since it doesn't seem to be distributing heat efficiently.

No Strange Noises

A heating system that makes unusual noises is asking for attention. A loud rattling inside the system might indicate that a portion of the blower assembly is loose. A malfunctioning motor might be the source of a screeching sound.

Call your trusted HVAC company as soon as you notice something strange with the system before it gets worse.

Clean and Healthier Indoor Air

The air quality in your house may have an impact on your family's health, and a malfunctioning heating system can lead to an excess of dust, which can worsen respiratory diseases and allergies.

Filters in furnaces and heating systems may collect dust, mildew spores, and allergies, so if your filter hasn't been cleaned or examined during monthly maintenance, it's advisable to call in specialists.

Less Chance of Short Cycling

The thermostat in the heating system is in charge of temperature control. Your heating system is short cycling if it starts getting uncomfortably chilly and hot, fast, during the day because the heater keeps turning on and off. Short cycles occur when the heat exchanger experience overheating and turns off to cool down.

Other concerns that can be avoided with regular maintenance include:

  • Whether indoor or outdoor, your coils are filthy or exhibit symptoms of corrosion or oil.
  • There are odors during the heating process,
  • Vibrations from HVAC equipment are excessive.

Tips to Maintain Your Heating Systems

  • At least once every 30 days (long-term pleated filters are available for less frequent changing). 


  • Have your heating and air conditioning system cleaned and inspected by a licensed/qualified technician at least once a year. Most system manufacturers recommend cleaning and checking the system twice a year to ensure good heating performance. 


  • No objects should be near your heating equipment as this can be a safety problem as well as have an impact on overall system efficiency. Never utilize your heating system as a storage space or a shelf. You must remove any obstacles and trash from all air and return grills. Any foreign items inserted into the duct system can significantly impact efficiency and system functioning.

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